Chile (2016)

Its been more than a year since I went to Cape Town to do my internship... Here are some words about these amazing experience...After getting my degree, I decided to go out and travel, but I didn't want to do a typical adventure, I wanted to go out, help people and learn about different cultures, so I met XChange South Africa and I decided, 100% sure, to go on this adventure to Cape Town, South Africa. I can certainly say that this was one of the best decisions i had ever made, because it was a full trip; I learned, I met amazing people, I loved (and still love) beautiful places, beaches, gardens, forest, desert. There's so many things you can find in this incredible country named South Africa.

Talking about my internship, I am a physiotherapist and I worked with disable people in the townships. An experience that I will never forget, It helped me to grow up as a therapist and as a person, getting to know how different the cultures can be. Besides making me a better person, letting me help and share with different people it made me thanks and be thankful for everything. Sincerely, after this journey I can say out loud that was one of the best experience that I ever had. In all sense; love, challenge, knowledge, fears. In one word: mind-blowing. Thanks XChange for everything.

Lots of love from Chile